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OSX Lion

So I finally installed Lion on my primary laptop. I’ve installed it two other times – once on an old laptop and once on a vintage 2006 model Mini that I upgraded to a Core 2 Duo processor. That required a little bit of finagling – but that’s another post.

Tonight I finally decided I had to update to Lion on my primary machine. I knew it was coming, but it was sped up today because I was working on some iOS app development and really needed the new Xcode to do a couple things. Well, since the new Xcode only installs in Lion, there we go!

I had already downloaded the installer, and done the ‘show package contents’ trick to pull out the installer executable from the download file. So I had an executable Lion installer – I ran it and started the migration. It took its sweet time getting installed – but finally wrapped up about 45 minutes later, and voila! Lion is running.

I haven’t enjoyed an OS as much as Snow Leopard in a long time – I really had zero issues with it over the time I’ve used it. And from what I read about Lion I was not thrilled to be forced to upgrade! So I did it slowly – on those non-critical machines first, and then finally on to the main one.

So far:

  • I got the Mail.app to look like the Snow Leopard version! Just picked some different options in the Preferences, and it looks the way I like. Phew! Was worried about that one.
  • iCal isn’t so bad – I don’t mind not seeing the calendars list – and the brown leather thing doesn’t bother me, at least not yet.
  • I did install a hack to get the colored icons back in my sidebar windows. See this post on OSX Daily to explain. It’s super easy, and has not presented any problems as of yet.

I’m sure there will be more to come, but for now that’s it – and the hockey game is coming on – so…

Let’s Go CAPS!!!!!

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